Picture of The Disappearing: The Briny Deep Mysteries Book 1
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The Disappearing

The Briny Deep Mysteries Book 1

Series: The Briny Deep Mysteries

By Jennifer Torres

Other than a strange, recurring dream that involves running for his life, Tim is a happy guy. In this paranormal mystery, Jennifer Torres introduces us to the seaside town of Briny Deep; an ideal spot to grow up for Tim and his close friends: Max, Emily, Luke, and Nina. Nothing bad ever happens here—until a stranger appears in town and a young girl vanishes - and then others disappear. The friends must scramble to uncover the truth as they begin to wonder if those closest to them have been hiding something unimaginable.

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978-1-62285-172-0 $17.95 $13.46 + Add to wish list
$17.95 $13.46 + Add to wish list
0172SB $48.95 $31.82 + Add to wish list

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